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Our activities are designed with varying degrees of difficulty and are themed for fun to bring joy and laughter to any age group.

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High ropes course

High Ropes Course

3 Line Rope Bridge

Charlie Chaplin

Deep Burma Buckets

Double Vertical Rope Ladder

Full Cargo Net

Quarter Cargo Net

Pommel Crossing

Rickety Bridge

Swinging Steps

Zigzag Beam

All secured with a continuous belay safety system

Vertical activities

Dangle Duo x2

Dangling Logs

Dangling Wobbly Walls x2

Galaxy Climb (UV glow in the dark)

Giant Spider Web x3

Monkey Rope

Rope Ladder

SAS Log Climb x2

Timed Speed Climbs x2

Urban Glass Tower Climb x3

The Bean Stalk

The Cat Burglar Climb

The Donut Tyres Climb

Tube Cargo Net

All secured with an auto belay safety system

Extra optional activities*

Up for more challenges? Add on these extra activities!

* Please check the Pricing Page for these Extra Optional Activities.

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